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Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier

8/14/2000 10:58 AM
Doug H
Re: IRF510 sucks for distortion as amplifier
I've tried them in a 2 stage cascode arrangement, similar to the booster2 or something. They don't seem to develop enough gain on their own to be used like that.  
However, if you drive them with an opamp or a JFET circuit, they can sound pretty good. Try subbing them in the output stage of your Shaka circuit and see how that works. I did that with the Shaka 4 circuit and was pretty pleased. It saturated real fast, so it's kind of a one trick pony-but it's a nice trick.  
I just thought of another tip: make sure you run a 1M feedback resistor from drain to gate. That tames harshness and kill noise, and was real key for me.  

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