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Re: Electar Mod Page Future Uncertain

8/9/2000 5:39 PM
Doug H
Re: Electar Mod Page Future Uncertain
I haven't heard any other amps in it's price range, so I can't give you a comparison there. However, for the $$$ I think it's a great little amp if you do the mods.  
Stock out of the box it sounds pretty lame, IMO. I did the majority of the "baby marshall" mods (cheaper weber speaker and no zener) and I'm real happy with it. I've got about $130-$140 in it total. You have to drive it with something (that's what the ElectaBurner's for;-) but it gets a real nice marshall tone happening when you do.  
I'm toying with the idea of adding another preamp tube so I can forgo the stompbox if I want. But I'm not sure if the power xformer will handle it, so I have to do more research first.  
It's very easy to work on and it's been a great learning experience for me. So in my case there have been many side benefits to this project.  

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