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First Fuzz Face (long)

7/28/2000 5:51 PM
First Fuzz Face (long)
Built a fuzz face last night using the germainum  
trannies I got from RG a few months back.  
Wired it up using sockets for the trannies.  
Plugged in the transistors and a battery.  
Plugged my guitar in and an amp...nothing.  
Reversed the trannies... nothing.  
Checked the wiring 2x couldn't find  
a thing wrong. Scratched my head and  
then noticed that I had the input in the  
output etc. Reversed em and voila fuzz face.  
Worked great. I think that's the first time  
I've ever had a circuit work that fast.  
For some reason I've never completed a fuzz  
face before. Built sundry other distorto  
type pedals. I've started on FF's and just  
never finished them. I think the first attempt  
was about 15 years ago using that Craig Anderton  
article from guitar player.  
Anyway, I'm very pleased with the sound. My  
Germainiums measure 69 and 140 gain wise on my  
fluke. I think it sounded best with the higher  
gain tranny first in the circuit. It cleans up  
to a nice rythem sound really quick, better volume control response than any other affect or amp  
I've used. I also tried some generic silicon  
trannies. They sounded pretty good to. Definitly  
different, but a usable sound. I was thinking  
about wiring it up with a couple of switches an  
a bias pot to select different trannies.  
The last thing. After playing it for about an  
hour it dawned on me how versatile this circuit  
was and how many records I've heard this on  
Hendrix, Clapton, it nails the Beatles "revolution"  
sound etc.  
Great pedal. This ones gonna go into an actual  
box and be on my pedal board soon. Wish I could  
use it for my 50's gig tonight.  
Thanks RG, Aron et al.