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amp modelling

7/10/2000 6:17 PM
amp modelling
hey everyone. do any of you know how to make a very  
basic amp simulator in a guitar pedal size. i'd  
only want 2 or 3 amp models to start, with no effects.  
maybe a clean fender, a distorted marshall, and  
an in-between sound. i'm thinking it would be some  
kind of microprocessor circuit, but where to get  
started. i have access to eeprom burners, etc.  
what would be required to do this project?  
i guess i'm looking for a "pod" jr. type of thing  
that would help me learn how to program micro's.  
any takers?

aron Dan, We are mostly analog here. ... -- 7/10/2000 6:44 PM