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Re: PCB's

7/8/2000 7:08 PM
Re: PCB's
I just used a similar kit for the fulltone 69 circuit for the first time. On the first try I didn't let the pen marks dry enough, or I didn't clean the board before putting it in the acid. The result was that the penmarkings started to come off.... Next try I used a hairdryer for a couple of minutes and it worked fine.  
I did it pretty much the was Ed described, only I took a fineline pen and punched tiny holes in the printout wherever there was to be a hole, then held the paper on top of the copper and put a mark on the copper through *every* punched hole. Remove paper and drill through at all the marks. No need to create a mirror image, you just flip the paper :-) Next step is like those drawing kits for kids where you connect holes/dots with lines :-)  
I had the acid in a glass jar. Just filled hot water in the sink and left the jar in there some time before I was to use the solution. I changed the water every now and then to max the heating effect.  
Those cheese packages sounds like a good idea though. Takes less acid to cover the board, and I had to find the biggest jam-jar before I was able to squeese the circuit inside :)  

jason q{and I had to find the biggest jam... -- 7/8/2000 7:45 PM