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Zakk Wyldes pedal board.

7/3/2000 5:26 PM
Zakk Wyldes pedal board.
I was lucky to be at GC on Saturday when Zakk Wylde  
(Formerly of Ozzy Ozbourne band) Currently with The Black Label Socioty Showed up to do a 30 minute guitar show and give autographs. I Had asked Zakk what his rig was and here it is,  
2 Marshall stock JCM800- 100 watt amps, a boss super overdrive SD-1, a Boss chorus ensemble CE-5, a Univibe-cry baby casing style and a regular Dunlop cry baby pedal. I watched as he went from rip screaming leads to a nice clean sound. Of course a guitar of choice was a Gibson les paul custom with the inlaid mirror pieces forming the trademark bullseye :)

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