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SC10 Ibanez stereo chorus

6/19/2000 6:16 AM
Johnathan Foy
SC10 Ibanez stereo chorus
hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever used one of these or owns one, i just won the auction on ebay for it, for only $21.50...  
i'll let everyone know how it turns out...looks LOTS like the style of the old Ibanez ts808's...which it's from the 80's i know...  
what kind of switching do these use?! i figured this is probably at least a fairly good chorus, maybe not necessarily the best...  
we'll see...  

hemmopee Hey, I donīt remember if itīs exact... -- 6/19/2000 8:49 AM
Sweetfinger It's a decent chorus, uses the stan... -- 6/19/2000 9:47 AM