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6/18/2000 6:38 AM
Johnathan Foy
hey first of all i was wondering what everyone would recommend as an opamp for this 3 band tone control: ?!  
second of all, before i "go crazy" and make a pcb for the Doctor Q on jd's site, on the parts layout for it, on the far left side it shows a 3 lug trimmer or pot, now it shows 25k and then before that to the right there is like a 22k (i think) radio shack DID NOT have any 25k trimmers, but i did get some 47k's...can i just double up the resistance on that 22k resistor to say like a 40 something k resistor and then use the 47 k trimmer?  
if i'm wrong about this feel free to correct me...oh, and i LOVE those rub on pcb transfers from radio shack! :)  
ps~does aron's info on trimmers explain which lugs are which on the pcb mount trimmers?! the ones i got are horizontal mount, if that matters, but i wouldn't think it should.

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