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good book btw! would you suggest...

6/14/2000 5:53 PM
Johnathan Foy
good book btw! would you suggest...
that is a VERY good book by the way! i'd HIGHLY recommend it for beginners in all of this! :)  
but wouldn't you and everyone else suggest reading that book and understanding things BEFORE really getting too deep into making fx pedals?  
i'm thinking of studying this and trying to figure out how the switching of the led's work BEFORE attempting too much more stuff that is like way over my head!  
just a thought,  
Johnathan Foy  
ps~radio shack ALSO has the building power supplies book which looks very promising, and i have heard good things about it from over at ampage chat.

zachary vex yes, you should work at your own le... -- 6/14/2000 7:11 PM