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amz led indicator FINALLY working...well sorta...

6/14/2000 5:03 AM
Johnathan Foy
amz led indicator FINALLY working...well sorta...
well everyone i FINALLY sorta got the amz led indicator working :) ..note the word sorta...well here is the deal:  
at first when i got it made and put in the box, and plugged in, i noticed no light at i immediately remembered i had forgot to solder in a ground wire from the circuit board to one of the jacks...  
so i soldered that in put it all back together, now when i plug it in, the light comes on whether the effect itself is on or what could be causing this?!  
does it have something to do with the fact that i didn't solder the wire from the ground of the led circuit board to the same ground point of the effect?  
but come to think of it i think i included BOTH soldered to the same ground lug on the jack...  
kinda least the light works just not like i want it/is supposed to! lol  
well any help is greatly appreciated as always!  
oh and here is the link to the schematic:  

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