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hot tip for putting labels on stompboxes

6/7/2000 2:52 AM
Johnathan Foy
hot tip for putting labels on stompboxes
hey i thought i'd let everyone know that upon working at staples i noticed that we carry this 1/4" white vinyl stick-on letter...they are rather small so you have to use tweezers to put them on...  
but after spraying the primer and then all the layers of paint you want on the box, put the letters on then spray few to several clear coats on to seal the labels so they don't come off and so that the pedal overall looks nice and shiny...just like it came off the production lines! :)  
i bought 2 packs of these myself...they have them in black as well...the brand is: HEADLINE SIGN...they are put out by U.S. Stamp and Design...  
the upc code for the white ones is:  
thought i'd pass this info along!  

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