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6/6/2000 3:59 AM
Johnathan Foy
hey everyone i wanted you to know that i just finished making the amz muff booster pedal...i made it without the c3 cap and the diodes so i can use for just a clean signal boost...and boost it does!  
i was very impressed with this easy to build pedal...and what is so amazing it is the first pedal i do honestly believe i have made correctly on the first try when i plugged it in!!! man am i like so excited about all this guitar fx pedal making now! next up the simple fuxx face...  
which will be tomorrow's project!  
by the way, for what it's worth i much rather would make circuits on perfboard than pcb's...pcb's are too much of a pain to have to drill the holes just right on the pcb to get the ic sockets to fit right...not that i know from experience but at least the perfboard ALREADY has same spaced holes :) call me lazy but it's a lot easier haha  
well better get going...yet another project finished...oh and i just started working on it this afternoon as well...  
now i need to heat up the hotglue gun to glue the board to the inside of the case so it won't short out...  
ps~hey aron can you believe i built this w/out asking anyone on the forums or in general questions about it?! :) oh and another thing aron..."scoring" perfboard does work wonders...guess there was a use for that pottery technique in art class back in highschool after all! :)

aron Johnathan, you are on your way!... -- 6/6/2000 7:34 PM