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Re: Ink jet printers & PCB's

6/3/2000 10:47 AM
Peter Cornell
Re: Ink jet printers & PCB's
I let the ink dry for about 15-20 mins. Your  
symptoms are exactly what I had when I tried  
to print onto Laser printer transparency  
using this inkjet. Thay are 2 different types  
of film. The Inkjet film is rougher on one  
side (they tell you which side to print on)  
while the laser jet film is smooth. Maybe  
you are printing on the incorrect side,  
if you have the right film? I design  
the PCB in Tango and using the above method  
I can reliably route tracks between IC pins.  
Good luck Peter

Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics) The other posts are correct: if you... -- 6/3/2000 11:34 AM