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Fuxx Face

5/17/2000 11:43 AM
Fuxx Face
About a month ago I built a Fuxx Face. It didn't turn out so well. Almost like a very bad noise gate that clamps down. Also, the fuzz is wierd.  
(I figured after building the Fullclone II & Voodoo lab OD, this would be a piece of cake.)  
Some folks at the old board suggested that I bias the transistors, some suggested that I check the voltages found on the troubleshooting page.  
Well, I checked all the posted voltages & they are within the specs.  
When I first put it together, I had the FET, wired in like a transistor ( duh! ).  
Could I have fried a capacitor or something?  
If so, any guess on which one or will I need to replace them all?  
I'm on my 3rd FET & set of transistors since I thought that I fried them at first.  
Any suggestions?  

Ed Guidry I never built the FF but I built th... -- 5/17/2000 1:20 PM
aron I would probably rebuild the pedal.... -- 5/17/2000 5:06 PM