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millineum bypass problems

5/14/2000 5:39 AM
millineum bypass problems
Hi all,  
I spent the day trying to get a DPDT switch and a millineum LED setup working on my fuzz box, but didn't get too far. I've got a couple of questions about the mill setup: On the PCB, there is a "to dpdt switch" connection. Which terminal on the switch is this supposed to go to? Also, is the LED supposed to light up when you BYPASS the effect, or when the effect is on? The LED kinda glowed when the effect was bypassed for a while, but then it stopped doing even that. Maybe it's 'cause I've got it hooked up on the wrong terminal on the switch . . . Finally, the instructions on GEO state that you can use a 2N3904 trasistor as a low-leakage diode by using the base and collector and not connecting the emitter. Which end of this makeshift diode is the anode and which end is the cathode? If it matters, I'm using a Radio Shack J201 as my MOSFET. Anyway, any help would be great, thanks!

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