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previous: JD Sleep Re: anyone know where to get the 2.1mm jacks for power? -- 5/12/2000 10:11 AM View Thread

looked for those part numbers and both came up neg.

5/12/2000 8:54 PM
daverlooked for those part numbers and both came up neg.
i tried searching for both part #'s at mouser and radio shack to see what you were talking about and they came up w/ nothing. and yeah, i want to be able to switch from using plugs to batteries if i need to take the pedal out of my pedal board. the fulltone pedals are exactly what i want, if youve seen those. I think other pedals like the voodoo labs, way huge, etc, use the same ones. they're black plastic and have a copper washer on the outside, and a nut that screws in on the inside. anyone know? thanks for your help JD