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previous: JoeD Anyone try these little guys out ye... -- 5/12/2000 2:29 PM View Thread

Re: mini dano pedals

5/12/2000 6:04 PM
Re: mini dano pedals
I have tried all of these pedals except the Flanger, Grilled Cheese Distortion and the BLT Slap Back. I thought the Tuna Melt Tremolo was the best out of the ones I tried. I thought it had a nice vintage tremolo sound and had more variety than the tremolo on my Super Reverb. Plus with the Soft/Hard switch, use the hard side to get a harder clip for a good CCR Midnight Special sound. As far as the others, they were ok....  
Aron is right about the distortions, they were too bright.

JoeD I tried the tuna melt also.... -- 5/13/2000 1:33 AM