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Another crazy idea

5/12/2000 3:31 AM
GordAnother crazy idea
So much has been said about the spectacular Jack Orman Minibooster circuit and its endless list of applications. While the talk of the town lately has been the Tone Bender pedals, I had a (dumb?) idea!  
Basically, the TB circuit is like a Fuzz Face, with the first gain stage rebiased, and an extra input transistor. (Thanks a million to Aron for sharing all of his info yesterday. I now have a Supa Fuzz and a TB schematic drawn out!)  
Here are my questions/ideas:  
-Is it possible to replace the input transistor with a minibooster circuit? Is this a silly idea? How might that affect the sound?  
-Or, how about keeping the input germinium transistor and swapping Q2 and Q3 with miniboosters?  
-Or, how about doing to the Tone Bender what Jack did with the 100W plexi and do away with all of the germanium transistors? Let's set up three minibooster gain stages the way this pedal is set up!  

aron >Is it possible to replace the inpu... -- 5/12/2000 8:07 AM