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Re: Adventures in Debugging

5/12/2000 3:12 AM
Re: Adventures in Debugging
Man, I feel your pain. Seriously. Every once in a while circuits just fight you every step of the way. Believe it or not, I had a marathon restling match with a wimpy little Fuzz Face!! Took away whatever effects-building pride I was starting to have. But it cranks now! Does just what its told. Ha! Anyway, try the mouser 9V snaps. I use 12BC092. Its good wire, with 6 inch leads. I threw out my radio shack snaps when I got these because they seemed much tougher. For 8 inch leads go for 12BC002, and for 10 inch leads get 12BC096. That should be long enough, but if you want 12 inch leads, there is always 12BC003! These are regular battery snaps. I'm not sure what you meant by clip, but hope this helps.  

Ed Guidry Yeah, I meant snaps, I just couldn'... -- 5/12/2000 3:24 AM