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How to use Winboard?

5/11/2000 2:41 AM
How to use Winboard?
Wow, this message board is so much easier than the old one! That search function looks cool, I'll have to give that a try.  
So, I'm trying to learn Winboard, and can't figure anything out ;~( Could someone explain the basics? To start, how do you draw a line? And how do you place component pads? Do you use the library and if so, which items do you use for caps, Rs, etc.? What scale do you use, mils or mm?  
I realize this may be too involved to go into here, but any help would be appreciated! Just tell me how to start and anything else would be bonus.  

Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics) Hi--At some point i... -- 5/11/2000 2:24 PM
Jim Radmer Re: How to use Winboard? Don't! -- 5/11/2000 4:42 PM
R.G. Don't. Use Easytrax -- 5/11/2000 7:11 PM
R.G. Don't!! Use Easytrax instead... -- 5/11/2000 7:14 PM