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Re: Power supply!

10/21/2000 1:39 PM
Re: Power supply!
Pete, I read your responce to Tiago's question. You must also make sure that you ampers are correct. For example If you have an effect that requires 200ma you need to make sure your Ac power suply will put out at least that much(DC). I have built several powersupplies, and you can get adjusable power supply kits in some electronics mags, like MCM... Just dont forget the transformer.Some will power up to 5 effects as long as the ma is enough. If anyone wants to know where to get the parts to build one email me and I will give you the info. Mine is housed in a Radio shack project box and mounted on a peice of wood with my effects, all prewired. I just pull it out of and old suit case and drag the cords to my amp and plug it in. I'm ready to rock. the power supply is adjustable so I used a didgital vu meter and dialed it to 8.7 volts dc. That is where the sweet spot for my effects is. Hope this helps Tiago

pete Kev,You're correct ... -- 10/24/2000 3:56 AM