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Re: Jaycar's "Twang-O-Matic" (for Australian readers)

10/21/2000 1:35 PM
paul perry
Re: Jaycar's "Twang-O-Matic" (for Australian readers)
Well, it's prob no worse than a lot of distortion ckts when it is biased right, I suspect the biasing depends on the individual transistor. And, if you measure the voltage on pin 3 of the TL072, I bet it is higher than 1/2 of the supply voltage, because the 2 10K resistors that are supposed to split the supply have otther shit in parallel with them!  
I still think it could be a useful thing to put in front of a wah.  
And, some of the other ckts in the book look perfectly good, at least at first sight. I might try the compressor (rectifier driving a fet forming part of the gain setting network in the preamp).

pete Paul,BTW, What was ... -- 10/24/2000 4:05 AM