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Re: How to get that epoxy off those boards

10/18/2000 10:11 PM
Re: How to get that epoxy off those boards
I guess the part I was leaving out was that I forgot to mention the heat gun has a set of reducers,or sleeves of various sizes for focusing the stream of hot air.Its not the common kind you would use,like the Wagner that is used more for stripping paint. Also,the gun has a rheostat to adjust the heat.I dont do that type of work there anymore,but I remember the soldering iron idea,and it worked fine until you run into something fragile.I think we bought those heat guns from someplace like Techni-Tool or MCM.I was going to buy one of those surface mount rework stations with the hot air blowing device until I saw the price....WHEW!!!Guess itll be me an my Metcal for a while longer.

MKB I have to depot stuff at work, I us... -- 10/19/2000 11:55 AM