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How to get that epoxy off those boards

10/18/2000 8:39 PM
How to get that epoxy off those boards
When you guys talk about getting the"epoxy off the boards"are you talking about that black potting compound epoxy?Well,were you aware that with some care and practice,you CAN perform some "archeology"on that effect?The company I work for routinely does repairs on "potted epoxy"circuit boards all the time.What you do is,take a heat gun;heat up the epoxy a little at a time with the heat gun in one hand(hopefully you have a decent vise to hold the board in while youre doing this)and while its heating,take a dental pick,preferably one with a curved and flattened blade with the sharp edges slightly rounded so as not to scrape the traces too much;it should scrape off without too much trouble in flakes.Whatever you do,DONT USE A SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!!!!Just remember to:(A)Put a shield in front of the wires,maybe a piece of tin,to help keep excess heat directly off the wires;(B)Dont keep the heat directed on the board constantly-just occasionally,you only need to heat the epoxy up to the flaking point,and not try to "burn"it off.Its tedious,but it works!I would practice on something else first,if you can find something(like something from the auto junkyard maybe?)I wish I had some spare junk boards you could practice on,I would send some out,but this is all I have.Happy pedalmaking!

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