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Re: Help with Fuzz Face and Big Muff

10/18/2000 3:29 AM
Searching for ToneRe: Help with Fuzz Face and Big Muff
Thanks man. He has about 50 soldering irons and about none work properly. I am sure we will head out to work to do this. I go home next weekend so I will let you know how things turn out. I will ask him if he has any clues to get better sound. His first job was designing stereos, radio station equipment and such. He built his own stereo that he had for 20 years and it still sounded better than things built 20 years later. I hope to get him fired up about this because he laughed at these pedals I had and I had some high-priced boutique stuff. Even delays he laughed at and I would guess that is a pretty hard thing to build.

pete Delays aren't too hard to build, it... -- 10/24/2000 4:20 AM