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Setting the initial delay on a "modern" flanger

10/13/2000 7:48 PM
Setting the initial delay on a "modern" flanger
Just curious, would it be possible to add an initial delay control to a "modern" flanger (post SAD-1024 design, ie Ibanez Soundtank FL-5). I guess its really a two part question:  
1) usually would it be controlled by a resistor, or would it be a capacitor thing?  
2) what part of the circuit would it be in: the LFO, the interface, or the delay part?  
Actually, this brings up an interesting question: how do modern flangers work? The BBD scenario is pretty cut and dry but how do you do it without BBD?

Mark Hammer In most instances, the initial dela... -- 10/13/2000 8:09 PM