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Re: Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?

10/11/2000 4:22 PM
Re: Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?
I own a TC and a Fulltone. I like the sound of the TC a little better, but use the Fulltone more because of the true bypass. I don't use either in Stereo. I have also used the Boss and the Ada and while the Boss is quite utilitarian, it just doesn't sound as good as the either the Fulltone or the TC. The old Ada is cool, but was not very reliable. My biggest complaint about the TC is that it gets kind of farty sounding if you hit it with a real high level signal (even when it is not ON). Overall, I'd recommend either the TC or the Fulltone if you don't mind spending the money, with the Fulltone getting the slight edge.  

pHiLtHy Doug,I thought the ... -- 10/13/2000 2:34 PM