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Re: The best UniVibe clone? Opinions wanted!

10/11/2000 1:02 AM
Re: The best UniVibe clone? Opinions wanted!
Ill tell you this much.Thirty years ago,I had to have a Univox Univibe after hearing Hendrix New Years Eve at the Fillmore playing Machine Gun and after going thru ten of them going to hell one right after another,I got rid of every single one of them.(I think some fool stole one from me out of our bus...)anyway,I gave up on the idea until six years ago when I got the bug to get another one at a local "vintage gear"show.I saw four in various states of preservation from perfectly unused to beat to shit condition,and I had to try all four.At $800 a pop,you want to make sure youre getting your moneys worth.At once I came to the realization that my ears had matured;the memory of how it sounded back then as opposed to now hadnt diminished or changed in any way...I just realized these were noisy and pretty much as unreliable as my other ones had been.As I sat there ready to give up,one of the guys in an adjacent booth brought over a Fulltone DejaVibe (the older black Hammond box version)I fell in love with its superior sound and have since then bought the newer version,stereo outputs.The plus:it sold for $295 brand new.I wish I could have bought two that day,but I couldnt pass up a mint TS808 and a Multivox Little David leslie simulator. I have also purchased the Sweetsound Ultravibe.I can honestly say the Fulltone has been rock solid as far as dependability,as well as the customer support Mike Fuller has given me.The Sweetsound Ultra Vibe is also a good alternative,but either I got a flaky one or a bad batch got sent to the store I had to return the first two back to,due to flakyness.(I guess its not fair that I believed the store owner when he said it would be impossible to reach the people at Sweetsound,and that he would take care of it.)The Sweetsound will be my backup vibe should my Fulltone ever decide to give up the ghost,but until then;the Fulltone Deja Vibe f*****in reigns FIRST in my book.And with all the stuff you can build out there,like on Keen's GEO site,you can get a kickass board kit and build your own,since they give you what info you need to make your own box,so you dont have to pay out a couple paychecks out to those dickheads at those vintage shows who charge outrageous prices(for the same parts you can still buy in the electronics catalog for about 80-150 bucks tops,if your a diy'er.)Go for it.