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I built an easy "octavioh"-thanks to Bob Starr, wherever you are

10/10/2000 3:23 PM
Joe Gagan
I built an easy "octavioh"-thanks to Bob Starr, wherever you are
I just finished my 3rd project, a very simple[upper] octave device using an opamp and a little RS transformer. I found the schem somewhere in one of the great pages hosted by our friends, all it said was Bob's Octav*a, credited to Bob Starr on the bottom. Wherever you are, Bob I thank you.  
It sounds really cool. A little Hendrixy, and put after a Fuzz Face and boss SD1 it gets a killer cool Brian May sort of pinched sustainy Eric Johnson make youwanna playallday kinda sound. Almost violin like. It also has a lot of "swirl" in this mode, in other words, the note will swell/ and or modulate differently after you play it depending on how you hold the note, vibrato, bendetc.You can hear it sort of flipping between the main octave and the upper one as the note just holds and holds. I love effects that sort of have a life of their own that I can interact with.  
It was very easy to build, and the parts were less than $10 at RS[not incl box or DPDT Sw].  
If anyone wants to build one, I will go find where I got the schem so you can check it.  
Thanks again to RG Keene, Aron Nelson, Justin Philpott, Steve Daniels, Jack Orman, Dave Fox, Analog Mike and anyone else I forgot. I owe it all to my Mom and Dad, my wife... . . oh stop me

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