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Re: Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?

10/10/2000 11:15 AM
Jouni Tukiainen
Re: Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?
Iīve been tried several chorus pedals (including TC, Rocktron, etc.), but only choruses I like are made by Boss.  
I think the best analog chorus is Boss CE-2. Itīs NOT noisy (althought itīs analog), it has smooth, thick effect but it isnīt muddy sounding either.  
It has only RATE and DEPTH controls, and itīs monoural, but the most problem is, that CE-2 isnīt in Bossīs production, so you can find only used units. My CE-2 is about 20 years old, but still working perfectly.  
My another favorite is Boss DC-3. Itīs newer, but its production ended about 12 years ago, and I think it is quite rare today. DC-3 isnīt actually a chorus unit, althought it sounds like a chorus.  
Itīs name is "Digital Dimension", and it is, as the name says, fully digital. It has more controls than CE-2 (Eff. level an Hi-EQ) and its effect is very, very clean and clear. Itīs frequency range is 20Hz - 20kHz, and dynamic range is over 90 dB, so it works fine in studio, and beats even some rack mountable chorus units!  
Jouni Tukiainen, Finland

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