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Power supply!

10/9/2000 11:42 PM
Power supply!
I recently make some pedals and want to use they in gigs. Iīm a beginner with electronics and donīt want to use a 9 volt battery for each pedal, I want a DC 9 volt adapter, connected to the AC power supply.  
The problem is that the schematics here and on all the net are ready for batteries. Iīve never heard if this works connecting the adapter + and - directly in place of jack battery. I tried to do this, but it not works.  
Maybe I connected wrong, but I want to know if itīs only connect directly or I have to put some diode or capacitor between the adapter and the circuit.  
My AC adapter have a current of 500mA.  
Excuse my english  

Pete Tiago,Any circuit c... -- 10/10/2000 1:23 AM