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Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?

10/9/2000 2:20 AM
Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?
Been looking lately and really don't want to buy anything that I'll soon dislike. What sounds good? Are tc electronics all they're talked up to be?  
Much thanks,  

Hi If money is no object, advertise fo... -- 10/9/2000 3:58 AM
Anders Westerberg I'd go for a TC Electronic.... -- 10/9/2000 7:41 AM
Matt I borrowed a friend's TC Electronic... -- 10/9/2000 4:28 PM
pHiLtHy to date the TC Electronics SCF is t... -- 10/9/2000 4:53 PM
Jouni Tukiainen Ive been tried several chorus peda... -- 10/10/2000 11:15 AM
paul perry The Arp Omni 2 was an organ sort of... -- 10/10/2000 1:51 PM
Jay Doyle If money is no object, then hop ove... -- 10/10/2000 5:01 PM
regan I found a chorus that I really like... -- 10/11/2000 9:30 AM
Chris Dave - for pure flexability and val... -- 10/11/2000 9:36 AM
Doug Dave,I own a TC and... -- 10/11/2000 4:22 PM
floydfan CE-1. Its whats on most Rush and Ch... -- 10/12/2000 1:30 AM
Jim M. I have a Ross Chorus, Voodoo Labs A... -- 10/12/2000 2:13 AM