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Can Digitech 2112 be upgraded to 2120?

10/7/2000 11:20 PM
Can Digitech 2112 be upgraded to 2120?
I have been the owner of a Digitech SGS 2112 since it first hit the shores of the UK. I have had no problems with the processor over the years and I have been more than satisfied with the sounds it provides.  
I have heard that I can upgrade it to the specs of the 2120. I have tried all of the music shops in my area but they didn't really offer much help. From what I gather through surfing about, it is a case of replacing the eeprom and reprogramming. I have several questions..............  
1. Can the eeprom be reprogrammed without replacing  
2. What is an eeprom? :-)  
3. Is this a DIY job?  
4. Is there going to be any significant benefit to  
upgrading? (i.e improved sounds, effects)  
5. The current software version in the 2112 is  
1.02. If it is going to be difficult to upgrade  
to 2120 specs, can my software version be  
upgraded easily?  
6. I have heard that the 2120 crashes now and again. This is not a thing my 2112 has ever done. It has provided many, many hours of trouble-free use. Would an upgrade be really worth my time?  
Any information would be gratefully received.  
Thanks for your time,  

K Bull Gary,Digitech can upgrade your unit... -- 10/8/2000 3:16 PM