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Re: pedal boards

10/6/2000 1:48 PM
Re: pedal boards
How many pedals do you own? 8  
Do you have a pedal board for these? Y  
If No would you like one? N?A  
What make of pedal/pedals do you own?  
Jim Dunlop  
POD (Line 6 - yes)  
Other - Dialtone, ProCo, Zoom  
Are you a “gigging” guitarist? N  
If Yes often do you play? N/A  
During gigs do you experience any problems with your pedal rig such as tangled leads and power shortages N/A  
If Yes, what type of problem N/A  
What do you look like in a pedal board - Ease of transport, setup, tidiness. appeals to my anal-retentive nature  

brent which dialtone do you have? -- 10/6/2000 3:27 PM