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Help with tracing BOSS DS-1

10/4/2000 9:57 PM
Help with tracing BOSS DS-1
G'Day Guys,  
I'm starting to trace out a BOSS DS-1 circuit, however I'd like to find some info about the transistors (datasheets) on the opamp and transistors in there.  
It's got one C732, two C2240. I assume they're probably NPN transistors from other boss designs.  
The opamp is a TA7136AP, 7 pins in a single inline package.  
Anyone got any info or know where I can find the datasheets for these little beasties? I'll need to know what the pinouts of the opamp are, but can't find any datasheets or info on the net.  

Hyung-woo Kim I will send a file to you.C... -- 10/5/2000 3:36 PM