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Re: What happened to the Boss Hyper Fuzz?

10/4/2000 8:42 PM
Re: What happened to the Boss Hyper Fuzz?
"It's been discontinued a few years ago and replaced by the FZ3 Fuzz. I tried one about 4 years ago and it had the most horrendous, unusable sound ever put in a stombox IMHO. I think it lasted about 2 to 3 years."
I don't know what about it you didn't like, but I rather liked it....  
I've heard (and built) some really cool fuzzes. The FZ-2 really nailed a lot of different fuzz tones for me, and all in one convenient box. :)  
The only one I've heard that has a similar amount of tonal versatility is that Ibenhad one that has the little switch to select normal fuzz, 10%-broken fuzz, and 90%-broken fuzz. Neat idea, but the fuzz sound is rather generic, IMO. :(  
I have a modded reissue Big Muff Pi, and I've built Fuzz Faces before (some of which were killer when the battery was almost dead--probably a biasing issue), but the FZ-2 really "did it" for me, giving me useable "Satisfaction" fuzz and outrageous "buzz-saw" super-sustaining textures like a killer modded Fuzz Face (with the benefit of 2-band EQ thrown in!), and some other fun sounds at the twist of a knob. I bet with a little work I could even fake the Big Muff Pi convincingly with it....  
C ya, and thanks for the info!