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Re: germanium diodes in rat

10/3/2000 5:27 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: germanium diodes in rat
WIth a Rat, as with any distortion pedal, the main characteristics of the sound comes from the EQ pre and post distortion. Try fooling with the tone control and the bass roll off in the gain stage.  
If you replaced the original diodes with one Ge diode per side, the signal can only be about .6V peak to peak which isn't much room for anyhting interesting to happen. Try putting two or three or more in series or try different diode combinations, such as using FET's or MOSFET's as diodes.  
Good Luck and stick with it! You will figure out what works. Let us know how it comes out!  
Jay Doyle

KennyD Try fooling with the tone control a... -- 10/5/2000 3:32 AM