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Re: Where to get components

10/2/2000 5:37 PM
Joe Gagan
Re: Where to get components
Hi Steve Daniels! I still love your website, I visit it often. As I learn new things, I can revisit, and different parts of the text have meaning that they didn't a few weeks before. I'm in the steeeep ramp of the learning curve.  
I want to build varios tone circuits and FFs and boosters. My question is, isthere a definitive website that has a really concise crossreferencing  
guide for fet and transistor part numbers so that I can use transistors from old intercoms, answering machines, etc?  
What are those big 16 pin trans that look like opamps? eg.Um91215A

Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics) Re: Cross References -- 10/2/2000 7:50 PM