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Re: ? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face

10/2/2000 8:30 AM
Re: ? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face
By the way, I just did 2 nights in a roadhouse in colorado with a Zvex Fuzz Factory, modded Boss SD1,modded FF RI,and modded FF ri#2[Fuzzface"prehistoric series",modded with dinosaur knobs and primal paint scheme].  
This was directed to either a Jomamamusic Keleman Reverb 45 or homebrew 66 deluxe by Tim Gagan.  
A whole weekend of KILLER tones.  
Many thanks to RG Keene for his website and the inspiration to make these pedals really sing. I based my FF mods on his 'technology of the fuzz face'article.  
Pics of the "prehistoric" FF to be posted soon on the homebrew page... Stay tuned.