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? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face

10/2/2000 8:21 AM
? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face
I have noticed that my modded fuzz face ri's sound a lot cooler when preceded by a ts or boss SD1,even when they are 'switched out'. I understand that the buffer stage in the ts and boss is giving the FF a better signal to work with, so I would like to build a copy of the buffer stage of the ts circuit and install it in the FF. Question is, do I need both input and outstages, or will just one work?  
If just one, which one?  
Or should I just build an LPB1 w/a trim pot[adjusted to almost no boost] and stick it in the FF?  
Thank you in advance for your thoughts, everyone.  
- Joe

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