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Calling R.G. Keen(GEO ORDER)

9/30/2000 8:46 AM
Ryan L.
Calling R.G. Keen(GEO ORDER)
Sorry, sorry, a wate of everyones time, R.G., how 'bout a follow up. Been two months, no replies, just like to know the status of my order now that I have confirmed you did recieve my paypal order. You've had my money, all I ask is a simple responce to my e-mail. I know my order will arrive eventually, but I think the sixty dollars I put in your bank account at least warrants an informative responce. Status of order?? I know you're a busy man, but c'mon, you don't have two minutes to reply to your paying customers? C'mon if you are gonna have a business and take peoples money, you've got to take it seriously and I don't think you are. You ARE providing a great service to us DIY'rs but I think its about time you stepped up to the plate and realized exactly what you have here.

Ryan L. Well, R.G. you have refunded my pay... -- 10/1/2000 5:42 PM