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Quick Rat 2 question

9/23/2000 3:34 PM
Quick Rat 2 question
Hey all - the AC-adapter jack on my Rat 2 is pooched, and I can't definitively tell what sort of jack (size, stereo/mono) I need to replace it. Does anyone know what kind of part I need?  
Also, I want to lose the feet so I can DualLock the thing onto my pedalboard. I want to replace the large screws with the smallest ones possible, so that the casing will be held together but the screw heads will be as non-obtrusive as possible, at least lower than the plane of the DualLock pad. What kind of screw (thread, pitch, etc) are used on these?  

frank Okay, howabout just the info on the... -- 10/8/2000 3:06 AM