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previous: craigw Is the tuner out on Ernie Ball volu... -- 9/20/2000 6:09 PM View Thread

Re: tuner out on ernie ball volume

9/23/2000 11:32 AM
Re: tuner out on ernie ball volume
I have a EB volume pedal & found that the tuner out is awful! It just splits your signal.(the iput jack has 2 wires- 1 to the pot & another to the tuner out.)  
In fact I removed that jack & drilled a hole on the other side of the pedal for the output jack. Why they put all 3 on 1 side is beyond me.  
But it seems to suck almost no tone now.  

craigw Yeah, I've experienced that. Think... -- 9/24/2000 4:12 PM