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Being creative with effects housings

9/22/2000 8:51 PM
Joe Gagan
Being creative with effects housings
I was at the thrift store yesterday looking for old electronics stuff that I can raid for parts. It was "half off on pink tag day", so I got a '70s radio shack intercom with a lot of nice parts for $1.50.  
anyway, what I was also looking for was a cool housing for my next project, a booster of some sort to keep my guitar signal strong. What I found was a teflonized frying pan, that when turned upside down looked a little like a fuzzface box. Perfect height, made out of alum.[easy to drill, etc]. Might be a little challenging to get the plugs coming out on the sides, maybe I will get crazy and use right angle plus on the cords and put the in/out jacks on the top. Also will have to figure out a good way to attach a bottom plate[rubber bands ala Eric Johnson?]  
I also liked the omelet pan, you know the ones that have two halves and a hinge to fold the omelet. That was a nice half fuzzface circle+ it has a straight side for the output jack.2 boxes for $2.95  
Just some ideas to urge everyone to get CRAZY with their enclosures!

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