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Dr Q, Q's????

9/9/2000 6:29 AM
Dr Q, Q's????
First off I must say god bless ampage. I discovered this site a week ago and just finished my 3rd effects pedal. fun, fun, fun......  
Anyhow, I just built the Dr Q. I am fairly pleased with it but I have a concern or two. The dynamic range of the envelope is VERY weak. Even with tweaking the trim pot (which I already plan to replace with a surface mount pot), I can't seem to get enough wah out of it. The most I can pull is staccato funk guitar. Is this something I fouled up in the circuit, or is it just a flaw inherent to the Dr Q design. BTW, I am using a fender duo-sonic with 57 reissue strat pickups.  

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