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HELP I Need This Unit, HELP!

9/8/2000 4:57 PM
HELP I Need This Unit, HELP!
Hi folks;  
* * *I need an Altair PW5 Power Attenuater. * * *  
If someone out there knows where I can find one, or has one they'd consider selling, please let me know ASAP! I do a lot of one nighters and the range of venues is from tiny rooms to small stadiums. I know they aren't worth much, but I need one for use on small gigs (it tames my JCM800), and mine was recently stolen.  
If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.  
PS, Sorry for posting here, but I'm in urgent need.

Russ Here's a link to one for sale for $... -- 9/11/2000 4:06 PM