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Re: PDF format for layouts

9/4/2000 11:16 AM
JD Sleep
Re: PDF format for layouts
Thanks to all of you for your input. I like the idea of PDF, but like Frank, I don't think it's very "on-line friendly". Frank's got a lot of good points, but on the other hand, I can't print some of the html based articles off the GEO site from the browser...the tables on the latest article Tech of ECF are causing line feeds. Ideally I think I'd like to offer both formats, PDF for easy printing and the GIF/JPGs for easy on-line viewing.  
For now I've decided to stick with the html/GIFs only. I will make sure that all the PCB layouts are ruled and that the name of the effect is printed in the PCB for easier orientation. Might take a while to get them all updated (most of them are already ruled).  
Personally, I've never really had much trouble with GIF sizing and I can print at least 4 gif PCB layouts on a single sheet of paper, whereas each PDF layout takes an entire sheet for each one.  

Frank Clarke As an experiment, if you like, give... -- 9/5/2000 6:52 AM