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Boss DM-3 clock bleedthrough

9/2/2000 1:30 PM
Boss DM-3 clock bleedthrough
Hi all, I posted about this a number of months ago, but after a few tries, the problem remains. I'm apparently getting some clock signal bleedthrough in the delayed signal of my Boss DM-3 analog delay. IT manifests itself as a high-frequency overtone with every delayed note. Not especially loud, but audible and definitely annoying. An otherwise fine-sounding delay is rendered useless to me. I've had all the caps replaced, thinking that one had gone south and was no longer filtering effectively, but that hasn't worked. Does anyone have a theory about what's happening here, and how to fix it, or in the worst case, want to buy it off me as a project?  

CJ Landry Frank, It could be a bad d... -- 9/2/2000 1:59 PM