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previous: Steve A. R.G. -- 8/31/2000 3:32 AM View Thread

Re: Encapsulated circuits...?

8/31/2000 3:45 AM
Re: Encapsulated circuits...?
"... end up over at Schematic Heaven? "
Probably not any more. Since I started registering copyrights, Mister Holt has been a little more subdued about my artwork.  
You can look at the Seamoon now. It's ***very*** like the Dr.Q.  
A dedicated reverse engineer usually has to have some commercial reason to spend the time and energy. The prospect of selling clones makes it worth buying and destroying something to analyze it. Surely no one would take the time to remove potting just for curiousity... 8-)

Gus Thanks R.G. I wonder what came fir... -- 8/31/2000 8:22 PM