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Re: Chaos Theory and coffee

8/30/2000 11:09 PM
Re: Chaos Theory and coffee
Fine if you like to believe that changing parts order has an affect on tone.  
To me, the things that would really have an impact on tone would be  
- Changing parts values  
- The part tolerances  
The only reason (to my knowledge) is for stray RF pickup and to fit a curtain amount of parts onto a given board size.  
"I am convinced that if you and I will build the same fuzzbox, they will sound different."
As for this, I believe that if two different people make the EXACT same circuit with the EXACT same parts with EXACTLY the same tolerences no matter what the parts placement, they'll sound the same (well enough so that no one could tell the difference.  
I'm sure half the circuits I build on perf board don't sound any different to some of the comercial pedals available. To a curtain extent, you can even change parts and they still sound the same. Why? Because a circuit is a circuit.